Seminars and News

2020 Seminars with Sensei Tony

Sensei Tony Sargeant (6th Dan Aikikai) is holding a series of seminars throughout 2020. To book, please email

An Aikido Glossary

A good understanding of the Japanese words used in Aikido is essential to developing your technique

How I came to Aikido

I began my journey on the Aikido path in 1974. I was a small, shy and skinny eighteen year old in the first year of a five year technician’s apprenticeship.

Ukemi in Aikido

Beginners often ask, “How long has it taken you, Sensei Doug to ukemi so well?”. To be quite honest I’m still working on mine, there is always something one can improve upon and this is what I love about Aikido – it is a never ending path! When I started aikido and saw aikidoka making… Read more »