Get Started

Introductory Offer for First Time Students – 3 classes for the price of 2 – £12

Come along for 3 lessons to receive training in the basics of how to perform & safely receive attacks, locks, pins & throws, and perhaps get to try aiki weapons: jo (wooden staff) & bokken (wooden sword).

At the completion of your introductory course, to continue training you will need to join the club.

Unfortunately, refunds will not be given to those that choose to retire from the initial three lesson period prematurely, so please be as sure as you can be that you wish to try Aikido – it is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

What to wear

Beginners should wear jogging or training bottoms and a t-shirt or sweatshirt – vests are not permitted. Expect your sports wear to be pulled about and out of shape – we do not recommend you wear your favourite Christmas or birthday present!

Before you begin

Please download and bring a completed Student Registration form

If you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances likely to affect your character you will not be permitted to train. As a sign of respect to other students and the Sensei you should have clean, hygienic feet and hands – be sure nails are clipped short on hands and feet to avoid injuring yourself or others.

Please advise Sensei Doug of any medical problems, injuries or physical limitations which should be considered, for your own safety and that of the other students.

Can children join?

No, our club does not instruct those below the age of 18.

Class times

Wednesday nights from 8:00pm until 9.30pm. Please be sure to arrive and allow time to change, assist setting up the dojo, be on the mat, lined up and ready to begin by 8:00pm.

Existing Aikidoka from other styles are more than welcome, and if possible should bring their weapons. Spare weapons are available, but limited in number.


We train in The Loft at Finchampstead Baptist Centre, Gorse Ride North, Finchampstead, Wokingham RG40 4ES.

Joining the club

At the end of a your introductory five lessons, you will be requested to join Musubi Aikido in order to continue training. The cost is £35 for a year’s membership – this includes compulsory insurance against personal injury to yourself or others.

After a discretionary number of weeks, you will also be expected to wear a gi – a white judo/karate-style uniform. And, after some time it would be to your own benefit to invest in wooden weapons, bokken and jo.

Cost of lessons

£6 per person.

Concessionary fees for OAPs, the unemployed and full-time students – £4 per person.

Each lesson will be ninety minutes long and – depending upon attendees – may comprise throws, immobilisations, training with weapons (bokken, jo or tanto) and disarming attacks from those wielding weapons.

It is good etiquette and builds team spirit if students can arrive at least 20 minutes early (before changing into gis) to assist Sensei Doug moving the mats from the storeroom, laying them and setting up the Shomen in readiness to train – many hands make light work and, the exercise contributes to the ‘warm up.’