The cost of a class is £6 per person per lesson. Each lesson will be ninety minutes duration and, depending upon attendees may comprise throws, immobilisations, training in weapons (bokken, jo or tanto (knife)) and, disarming opponents wielding those weapons.

First timers may attend and train in jogging or training bottoms and a t-shirt or sweat shirt – vests are not permitted. Expect your sports wear to be pulled about and out of shape, so we do not recommend you wear your favourite Christmas/birthday present or designer label sportswear.

You will not be permitted to train if you have not paid the requisite fees. Fees will be payable (cash or cheque only) in advance at registration on your first night.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances likely to affect your character you will not be permitted to train. Finally, as a sign of respect to other Aikidoka students and the Sensei you should have clean, hygienic feet and hands (be sure nails are clipped short on hands and feet).

As an incentive to those that are not sure whether Aikido is for them, we are prepared to make an introductory offer applicable only to those first time students/novices. As a club, we are prepared to offer “three classes for the price of two” (£12.00). Unfortunately, refunds will not be given to those that choose to retire early from the initial five week period , so please be as sure as you can be that you wish to try Aikido – it is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

At the completion of your three weeks, you will be asked if you wish to continue training. Should you choose to do so, you will need to become a member of the organisation to which the Musubi Aikido Club is affiliated and to become insured against personal injury (to yourself, or to others). Insurance is compulsory. The overall cost of this is £35.

Owing to the initial expenses of joining the organisation, insurance and cost of an Aikido gi, bokken and jo, new students will be permitted to train for a discretionary number of weeks in their sports attire. However, it will be expected that students try to purchase the appropriate attire as soon as they can comfortably afford to do so. The purchase of weapons may be postponed for a longer period, and do not worry because Sensei and students will always have spare weapons for you to use.